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So even though this community isn't as big as I first hoped I still quite enjoy doing it. When I began it I did have hopes that loads of people would post and make comments but that hasn't happened yet. I know that vanityasavirtue has commented and posted once or twice so as long as I know at least one person is enjoying it, I'll keep going.

I've decided to share the reasons of why I made this community. Over the last few months I discovered some itunes podcasts that I've enjoyed listening to. They are:

Lipgloss and Laptops
Home Spa Goddess
Beauty Newsletter

These another couple but they escape me right now. The first two also come with their own websites Lipgloss and Laptops and Home Spa Goddess and they talk about products they have tried and things they have found out, much like I do here. The third one was made in 2006 but it's really useful as it's a podcast made by a professional make up artist who is sharing all her hints and tips with beauty.

I really enjoy listening to the podcasts although I don't look at the websites much so I really recommend them.

I hope this community may take over in the near future.

Make Up Tips!

How to Avoid the Most Common Make-up Mistakes!
by Louise Forrest

When it comes to make-up you may think that you are a regular little expert when it comes to applying it. However, did you know that most women, who think they are experts, actually make some of the most common make-up mistakes?

Applying make-up is an art and unfortunately not everybody is a natural at it. So how do you know whether you are getting it right, or getting it extremely wrong?

The Biggest Make-up Disasters

There are many things which can go wrong when you are applying make-up; however, there are some mistakes which are a lot more common than others. Some of these include:

Orange Foundation

Whilst it is all well and good having healthy, tanned looking skin, buying the wrong type of foundation is definitely not a good way to achieve that look! Many women mistakenly buy a foundation which is at least one shade darker than their original skin color, and unfortunately they do not realize that it often makes them look extremely ridiculous. Orange lines around the face are a definitely no-no in this day and age, and any foundation which is darker than your original skin color, will leave clear orange marks around the neck and sides of the face.

Less is more and that is definitely true when it comes to foundation! Always try a foundation on the back of your hand or on your chin, before buying it as these places give the best indication of how the foundation will look overall. If you are still unsure you can always go to your local department store and ask a sales person on the counter for ideas on what would suit your skin color. They are trained to know these things so why not let them do their job?

Too Much Blusher!

This is definitely one of the most common make-up mistakes which has been going on for years! Blusher should only be applied on the apples of the cheeks and the blusher brush should always be tapped in order to remove any excess powder, before sweeping it on the cheeks.

Many people just simply do not understand that you can have too much blusher on. When used properly blusher can add a healthy glow and tint to the whole face, but when used too much, it can make you look more like a clown or a porcelain doll, and that is never a good look!

Too Much Lip Liner!

Once again another common mistake involves using too much make-up! Many people opt for a lip liner which gives them plenty of definition, but unfortunately most of the time, it is too much definition! You really should not use a lip liner which is too obvious. Ideally you want one which is only slightly darker than your lipstick. This will give a subtle, slightly poutier look, without making you look stupid!

The Misuse of Eye Liner!

Time and time again, most women misuse their eye liner and it often makes their eyes look droopy. Using eye liner just on the bottom of the lashes does make the eyes look droopy and so if you do have to use it on the bottom, be sure to use it on the top as well!

Another common problem with eyeliner is going over the top. You do not have to use loads of eye liner in order to look sexy; ideally the eye liner should melt into the lashes and should not be overly visible.

Overall the main make-up problems involve wearing too much of the stuff! You really do need to learn that less is more and unless you do want to end up looking like a ridiculous clown, you need to start cutting down! Always take your time with your make-up, never rush it! Rushing your make-up often leads to problems and it will not stay on as long as it potentially could do. If you need expert advice. The sales people at your local department store are always happy to help!

This is from Natural Elements

Eye Liners

Urban Decay Liquid Eyeliners

I tried these on a whim because a friend recommended them. The bottle costs $18 but it is worth it. One little bottle lasted me for months. The brush is really slim and the liner glides right on. It's easy to put little points on the edges of your eyes. It has a nice texture and lasts all day! I really love this stuff. It comes in a bunch of nifty colors as well. I really love Gash, which is a metallic red.

You can get this stuff online at www.Urbandecay.com, or I've seen it at Sephora and Ulta Beauty stores.

In this picture I'm wearing both the black and the Gash:

Another favorite eyeliner of mine is Palladio

I bought this eyeliner at Sally Beauty Supply. It's very basic, but it holds up. I used to use it to draw on my eyebrows when I had them shaved (as pictured above). I would go out to the club and get drunk and rub my face forgetting about it and it would stay! Favorite!