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A community for beauty products and cosmetics.
Do you love beauty products and cosmetics?
Do you have favourite products you just can't help but love? or hate?
Then let us know!

This community is a place for everyone who can't get enough of beauty products. Whether you stick the same thing over and over and swear by it. Or, if you enjoy trying new things all the time. Here you can review new and old products, recommend your favourites to other people or warn people off the ones you hate.

Here you can let people know about anything you like, and also places you have discovered to buy products

I decided to make this community as recently I have been listening to several podcasts on my Ipod of women discussing products that they have come across. I love listening to them but hate the fact that I can't actually see the products they are discussing. Using this community allows people to post pictures or videos along with their reviews of the products.

If like me, you can't help but pick up a bargain then join this community and share the joy with everyone else.